Family owned and operated for over 30 years, Sovereign Yarn is North America’s leading representative for the world’s finest yarn mills and garment manufacturers.

Our capabilities range from producing high quality garments to sourcing exquisite yarn for flat and circular knitting. We work with the technical designers and production departments of the world’s premiere fashion houses to ensure their knitwear has the exact look and feel that they envision.


We are Yarn Agents

Sovereign Yarn is the leading supplier of high quality yarn to the North American market. We represent the most established and respected yarn spinners and knitters from around the world, allowing us to offer truly superior yarns at exceptional value.

Capabilities 2

We are Garment Manufacturers

Sovereign Yarn offers a fully vertical approach to garment manufacturing. Whether using the yarns/fabric you nominate, or our factories’ source, we are capable of entering the production cycle at any phase from knitting straight through to inspection. This approach ensures our clients receive only the highest quality garments in the volume and at the price point that fits their needs. Whether flat knitting, cut and sew, wovens, jersey, outerwear, digital/screen printing or mixed media, our capabilities cover the entire range of manufacturing.

Mills and Factories

About Lanecardate

Founded in Italy in 1663, Lanecardate is Italy’s premier carded yarn spinner, specializing in wool and cashmere based yarns. All of their yarns use only the finest quality raw materials and are sustainably sourced to allow for full traceability.

Yarns Offered

Large stock-service programs offered on all yarns. Super 100’s. Super 160’s, Cashmere spun with white fiber only. Hand knitting yarns available to distributers.

About Filmar

Filmar is Europe’s largest cotton spinner specializing in Egyptian Cotton based yarns. Their patented COM4 technology allows them toproduce cotton yarn, nearly eliminating pilling on a numer of qualities., eliminating pilling on a number of their yarns. Launching in January 2016, Filmar will be offering Cottonforlife, a 100% organic line of cotton through collaboration with the Egyptian government and local cotton industry. The program will be fully organic/sustainable in all aspects….Farming and irrigation, farm worker compensation, ginning, spinning, and dying.

Yarns Offered

Large stock-service programs with hundreds of colors offered on all yarns 100% Egyptian long staple cotton yarns.

About Filab Color

A division of Filmar that specializes in cotton based fancy and novelty yarns.

Yarns Offered

Fancy/novelty yarns

About Igea

Based in Prato, Igea is a family owned yarn spinner specializing in lofty mohair and merino-rich fancy yarns, ideal for autumn and winter collections. They also offer fine blends of viscose, linen and cotton for spring and summer styles and are renowned for their stock service best quality merino yarns.

Yarns Offered

Three separate lines are offered each season: Lab: value priced novelties blending natural fibers and synthetics. Studio: Highest quality novelty focusing on natural yarn blends. Azimut: Igea’s best quality stock service merino programs. Hand knitting yarns available for distributors.

About Hongye

A family owned and operated cashmere spinner, Hongye uses the finest Italian machinery to spin the highest quality cashmere yarns. With their own dehairing facility located in Inner Mongolia, as well as their main spinning plant in Hebei, Hongye is one of the most vertically structured cashmere facilities in the world. Hongye was originally founded as a ‘fiber exporter’ selling the fiber to the best Italian and Scottish spinners, after which they started spinning their own yarns 20 years ago using only the best Italian spinning machinery available.

Yarns Offered

Large stock-service programs with color cards updated every year.

About J.C. Rennie & Co.

Established in 1798, J.C. Rennie & Co. invented the original Scottish ‘Supersoft’ which is synonymous with the Rennie Lambswool quality. Today, the mill in renowned for the ring spun Shetland yarns and rich color palettes.

Yarns Offered

Large stock-service programs offered in multiple counts. Hand knitting yarns available to distributors.

About Pollone

Famous for their “Cardato Finissimo”, a unique spinning system developed to enable the spinning of woolen yarns in finer counts, Pollone produces wool and cashmere blends with large stock service programs in varying counts.

Yarns Offered

Large stock-service programs offered in cashmere, wool, and blends. Geelong stock service programs in multiple counts.

About Hale

Specializing in coordinating style ranges including woven and jersey, cut and sew knit, and flat knitting sweaters, Hale is a completely vertical garment manufacturer with multiple locations throughout Asia, with their main facility located in Guang Don. Their robust facility, with over 200 Shima Seki knitting machines, allows them to source material, test, spin, print, embellish/embroider, and finish all in a single location, ensuring an efficient and quality assured process.

Services Offered

Flat knitting, jersey, cut and sew, woven’s, mixed media, digital printing (brand new Shima Seki digital printers specifically designed for printing on natural fibers), outerwear, etc. Fully certified in-house testing lab capable of providing comprehensive testing for any and all compliance needs.

About Attilio Mariani

Founded in the 1960’s, Attilio Mariani has been producing Italian accessories or over 25 years using only the finest natural fibers such as cashmere, silk, wool, and linen. They are the unquestioned leader in unique finishing and innovative dying processes.

Yarns Offered

Full range of spring/summer, and fall/winter scarves produced using unique dying, printing, and flocking.


We’re here to help

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